Making a Difference in our Community by bringing the Islands to Everyone.

Learn about our Polynesian Culture through song and dance. 


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We have amazing Members of our Organization that strive to embrace our Polynesian Culture.

We have amazing memebers of our organization that embraces our Polynesian Culture. Come and join us. 

Vision Statement

Ali’itasi Productions aspires to be a positive, innovative learning community that embraces diversity, strives for excellence, and develops respectful, responsible, and multicultural students.

Mission Statement

To maintain, preserve, perpetuate, and educate our communities about the different cultures of Polynesia. Giving individuals an opportunity to learn, understand and apply the different teachings, techniques, songs and dances of the different Polynesian Islands. To afford individuals who want to learn, the opportunity to travel, learn, experience and share the songs, dances and arts of the Polynesian cultures we are blessed to have in our daily lives by donating our time, efforts, talents and labor to the various events around the world and developing relationships with others. Keeping our community off the streets, off drugs, away from gangs and a reason to stay alive. 

“People without the knowledge of their past, origin and culture is like a tree with no roots.” 

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